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A public entry

[Because they need to happen from time to time]

Not that I actually have anything to say that I want to share with random strangers or people who have heard that I might be interesting and want to see what all the fuss is about. But I thought I'd post anyway.

If you will, view this post as a brightly coloured fish-hook, carefully positioned to lure unwitting readers.

Or something like that.

Because it's Friday

(Stolen from Rik)

Posting anonymously, tell me three things about yourself and I will try to identify you from them.

Go on, it could be fun.

*rare public post*

Well.....I need something for people not on my friends list to reply to....the last one was getting silly. ;-)

*shooting stars*

Tonight, in the UK, from 10.30pm onwards, go outside and look up at the sky. Should be really pretty.

*a rare public post*

Just thinking, considering how addicted I am to my friendsfriends page, I really don't make any effort to appear on other people's by making public posts. Largely because I do like to have a fair idea who is reading what I write, but also because I'd rather that things written at/about work were not accessable to just anyone. ;-) But, I think, I'm going to throw out a few random public things in future, just to prove that I exist to people who don't know me. Starting with this.

*much randomness from a strange place*

I'm sitting here in a diffferent university building, killing time between the interview and my shift actualy starting. And I've been typing largely whatever comes into my head. Read more...Collapse )

*musical question*

I've just been sorting through a few boxes of junk'n'stuff, and stumbled up on a cassette copy of Lloyd Cole's "Mainstream". This started me thinking, cause it's very much one of those albums that totally rocked my world when I was about 15, and I'm sure that if I think back far enough, there are other records that are kind of linked to certain periods of time. And I would imagine a few of them would make people cringe. So, as a precurser to a big long rambling post at some point in the future, what musical skeletons to people have that still rattle in a fairly appealing way?

*in anticipation of thunder*

A few random thoughts while I’m gearing myself up to do some more work.
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UPDATE: It's now raining. At last. And for once I actually want it to. :-)

*help required for the Central Regional*

Hello nice people.

For anyone who hasn't seen Rik's post and mails and stuff, we have a little problem.

One of our NPC players is not going to be able to NPC, and we need a replacement. The ability to play cards would be a good thing, as would being male. The character is required for the Saturday night Cam/Anarch game, and the lucky winner will earn themselves lots of lovely Regional Prestige and possibly even a free drink. Any takers?

*shameless plug*

Central Regional

So who's going to be there? Should be an excellent weekend!