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*much randomness from a strange place*

I'm sitting here in a diffferent university building, killing time between the interview and my shift actualy starting. And I've been typing largely whatever comes into my head.

Interview thing went well, and I’ve re-secured the fairly unlimited overtime thing until Christmas. That will basically mean that if I’m prepared to do really tedious jobs, then I can earn more than enough to keep me afloat. They have also strongly hinted about some more extra things, which will involve working a few extra hours in a different place, but for better pay, and whilst doing everything I do now as well. I’ll get contracts etc. on Monday, but for now I can rest easy in the knowledge that I’ll be getting paid properly at the end of the month. Which was largely the object of the exercise. And, well, it was funny being interviewed by someone I’ve worked with for a year, for a job that I’ve done for even longer.

So, well, that’s that sorted. Now just need to resolve a couple of little niggling issues and I might actually be fairly content. Last night, I vowed not to angst about things and largely succeeded. I also set all my Outlook Express settings so that mails containing words that might cause me stress would be highlighted in different colours, and could therefore be avoided. *grins* So I now have lots of horrible green emails sitting in my in-box. Horrible green being the colour for Bad Things. But I have sent out lots of IC things this morning, and shall do the rest tonight. I’ve also finished my ARST application, and have lots of lovely people who say they will give me a reference. Which was kind of nice, seeing as I didn’t even have to ask most of them. And, well, those I did have to ask didn’t know I was even applying, so should not think their kind words are any less appreciated. (I know far too many paranoid and over-sensitive people, I realise this).

So yes. Things have been sorted. But I’m still generally restless and uneasy about life in general. I think it’s largely that I’ve not really travelled since the regional, and not seen anywhere near enough of the right people recently. Both of which should change over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully. Although sometimes I think I know too many people, and worry that I’m just not going to have the time to talk to everyone as much as I’d like to. That’s kind of why people who are awake at some of the silly times I prefer are getting loads more attention right now. It’s just easier to make them fit. If that makes any sense. Probably not. But, well, it’s a day for mindless babble, as I think a few other people are finding.

Now I just have to wait for replies to IC mails, and hope that I’ve not said/done anything that will provoke either character deaths or OOC complaints. We shall see. But I have been restrained in my plotting. Really.

And if all else fails, well, I have an idea for a new character already. And it’s far far scarier than anything I’m playing now.


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