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In 30 minutes, I shall be free of this place until a week on Monday.

And you know, I'm not going to miss it at all, because I've got enough other cool things planned, as well as a huge list of things to write that should actually be fun.

*test thing*

Bored and in pain, so I thought I'd kill some time....

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*advance warning*

Sunday 30th June. Oxford Mage/Werewolf. I'm going to try my best to be there. Anyone fancy tagging along if we can find a nice friendly driver? Or anyone fancy being the nice friendly driver?
Everyone in the world is online. And I have to go. Leave me randomness if you like.

*if there's anybody out there*

I need suggestions for names for random characters in a role play game. All donations considered, and possibly rewarded.

*random broadcast*

I think I've just lost my attention span.



I act like I'm 17.
This test was brought to you by David - Part of the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.


Might explain a lot.

*more proof of my lack of evilness*

*blood lust*

I have an idea for my next Cam/Anarch character - the proprietor of a dating agency, based in Birmingham and dealing with Kindred.

I feel a fair few people reading this might know what I mean. ;-)


Is there anyone out there who doesn't have one of their characters embroiled in a messy affair of the heart? Just out of interest.

*and as predicted earlier.....*

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