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The Bloodless Revolution

Tales of the Secret Masters

22 June
What? You want to know stuff about me? Read the journal then.

Ah, but it's friends only, isn't it? Bah!

I'm older than most people, but younger than some. I've packed a lot into a short period of time, and then achieved noting of note for years. I think I've finally found the balance though.

I'm of Scottish stock, and have lived all over the place, although mainly in the Midlands, Liverpool and the North East. I like a stupid amount of music, and have a job that balances my obsession with old books and my fairly newfound passion for technology and web-based communication.

I spend a fair bit of my spare time involved in a live action role-play society, and do tend to rant about it a fair bit in my journal. I do try and filter out people who are not involved, but sometimes I forget, and people might get inflicted with things that make little sense. Of course, other things might not make sense either, but I do try and tailor my journal to my audience……usually.

I have a low tolerance of idiots, and people who make other people's lives miserable. You have been warned.

I spend a lot of time online, but not as much as I used to due to actually spending my time at work doing what I'm meant to.

If people want to add me to their friends lists then feel free, I just can't promise to comment much, because I'm generally crap at this sort of thing. But I always read every post on my friends list.....eventually. I'll also generally add people who I don't mind reading what I write. Seeing as everything is friends only.

Blah. I've babbled on for long enough I think.